Organized by Japan Explosives Society

The 6th International Symposium on
Energetic Materials and their Applications

6-10 November, 2017, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN

Excursion to Matsushima

Matsushima Sightseeing & Matsushima Bay Light Up Cruise

There will be an optional Matsushima Sightseeing in the afternoon, to be followed by Matsushima Bay Light Up Cruise in the evening of 8 November, 2017 (Wed), at a special price of 6,000 yen per person, which covers everything during the excursion, including having a gorgeous dinner inside the luxurious cruising ship while enjoying the lit-up scenery.

Please take the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque Matsushima, and let’s have fun!


6,000 yen / person



Please use the registration system for reservation this excursion.

If you have already registered for the participation in the ISEM2017, please enter the registration system with your Log-in ID, and click the "New/Additional Application" button in the "Excursion".