Organized by Japan Explosives Society

The 6th International Symposium on
Energetic Materials and their Applications

6-10 November, 2017, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN


  1. Alexander Vorozhtsov (TSU & IPCET, SB RAS, Russia), "Nanoparticles for HEMs and Light Alloys"
  2. Adam Cumming (The University of Edinburgh, UK), “Energetics and the Environment – New Developments and New Challenges”
  3. Raphael Terreaux (Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France), “Prediction of regulation toxicological tests applied to High Energy Molecules”
  4. Volker Gettwert (Fraunhofer ICT, Germany), “AP-free Composite Propellants for Space Applications”
  5. Guy Jakob (Airbus Safran Launchers, France), “Nitropyrazoles: chemistry and application as energetic molecules”
  6. Colin R. Pulham (The University of Edinburgh, UK), “Structure-property Relationships in Energetic Co-crystals and Salts”
  7. Christian Paravan (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), “Nano-sized Aluminum Effects on the Burning Behavior of Solid Propellants and Fuels for Rocket Applications”
  8. Vladimir Gruznov (IPGG, SB RAS, Russia), “State of The Art in Chemical-Analytical Methods for Detection of Explosives”
  9. Bernard Kosowsky (MACH I, USA), “Ultrawet® Surfactants: A new class of compatabilizing additives for use in both propulsion and combustion energetic applications”
  10. Keiichi Hori (ISAS/JAXA, Japan) “New Thermoplastic Fuels for Solid & Hybrid Rockets”