International Attendees ISEM 2011 (ISEM2011)

Visa Information

About Visa information, please see the page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, gGuide to Japanese Visash.

After identifying that a visa is needed, we recommend the following guidelines to obtain a visa for entry into Japan:

You should process your visa application by 11 October 2011.

When you apply the visa, the applicants should present your complete trip itinerary, including travel to any other countries than Japan.

After preparing all documents needed, you should contact the Japanese Embassy Consular Section in your country to determine visa processing time frames. Please check the posted time frames on the website or call the Consular Section to get the recorded information about visa processing timeframes. For up-to-date information, access the MOFA website, an official source of information about Japan visa policy and procedures.

Note the following:

A letter of invitation does not guarantee issuance of a visa. The decision to issue a visa will be made by the sole judgment of the local Japan Embassy or Consulate. The ISEM2011 secretariat and Japan Explosives Society are unable to assist with actual visa processing.

Japan Explosives Society or any other committees of ISEM2011 will not provide any financial support for travel, registration fees, or local expenses.

For security purposes, letters of invitation can only be sent to individuals who have registered for ISEM2011.