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Energetic materials like explosives are canned chemical energy.
An inherit nature of explosives, which instantaneously generates enormous energy, has been utilized in various sectors including civil engineering and construction industry.
Now, at the threshold of 21st century, an advanced usage of explosives derived from a new concept is being looked for.
For instance, explosives can be used in a treatment of toxic waste, composition of new material like synthetic diamond, and for the airbag system of automobiles.
It's you who have flexible idea that can make use of the energetic materials of huge energy with low cost.You are always welcome to join the Japan Explosives Society.

What is Japan Explosives Society?

Japan Explosives Society (JES) has its history and tradition of more than 60 years since its foundation in 1939, boasting of about 1,000 members.
It is a unique society targeting energetic materials and a phenomenon the energetic material generates.
Membership of the Society offers several benefits of joining some section (group) meetings, training courses, and field trips, all of which have been actively held, in addition to opportunities where you are able to demonstrate your abilities.

Once admitted your membership;

-"Journal of the Japan Explosives Society" (6 issues/year) and "Explosion" (3 issues/year) are delivered to you, free of charge.

-The "Explosion" announces programs of events to be held by JES and its relevant societies each year, with entry procedures to the events.
It also provides a lot of up-date information concerning energetic materials, and worldwide trends of the related researches.

-You are qualified to present your papers on the study or research you make at the annual meeting and open forum (twice a year) organized by JES.

-You are welcome to contribute and publish your article(s) in the "Journal of the Japan Explosives Society".

-You are admitted to join vigorous professional work groups (Explosion & Impact group, Sensitivity group, Analysis group, Blasting group, Pyrotechnics and accessories group, and Propellant group, etc). Each work group has been giving training courses, lectures, and observation tours at a regular interval.

-You are able to enjoy various kinds of information services through JES. Members of each work group are admitted to access home page of the group, to obtain full range of information concerning energetic materials.

How to apply for the membership

Application procedure is very easy.
Full in the application form (PDF file) and send it to the address below.
Upon receipt of your application form, an invoice is sent to you.

Oversea membership due is 10000 Yen/year.

For further information concerning membership admittance,
please contact Dr. K. Kurokawa at JES.

Japan Explosives Society

c/o Japan Explosives Industry Association
Ichijoji Bldg. 3F, 2-3-22, Azabudai,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041, JAPAN
Phone. +81-3-5575-6605 Fax. +81-3-5575-6607

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