Japan Explosive Society


Outline and History of Japan Exolosives Society

In Japan, once there existed "Kahei-gakkai", a group which dealt with explosives and ammunitions.In 1937, there was a movement within the explosives circle to set up a new organization, separating from the kahei-gakkai, and on 5th July 15, 1938, a foundation committee was set up (chairman: Professor Yuichi Nishimatsu, Explosives Department, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial University of Tokyo).

On 27th February, 1939, a private organization "The Explosives Society" started, which was sanctioned as " The Explosives Society Corporation" on 24th February, 1942, under the authorization by Minister of Interior Affairs.
On 8th August, 1946, it was renamed as "the Industrial Explosives Society Corporation" Sanctioned by the Governor of Tokyo.
On 4th November, 1953, it was transferred to the Ministry of Education.
It has been named "Japan Explosives Society Corporation" ever since 24th December,1993.

As described above, the Japan Explosives Society has 60 years of history with tradition, and through scientific researches, it has been supporting the progress of national industry, also has been greatly contributing to development and rise in the standard of people's living.

When taking a glance around the world, there seems to be quite a few journals relating to explosives, and our "Journal of Japan Explosives Society" and "Explosion" can be said to be unique publication.Nowadays, explosives have been widely applied in such fields as military purpose, protection against disaster, aerospace, urban demolition and medical use.

Japan Explosives Society is not only a place for scientific and technical researches, but also a scientific group playing an important role as a mediator among Industry, Government and Academy.


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