Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.1 (2008)

Research paper

A study of Magnus force acting upon a launched rotating spherical aerial shell(*in Japanese)
Dayu Ding and Tadao Yoshida


Trajectories of launched spherical aerial shells were recorded with the high-speed video camera and rotations of the shells were confirmed in our experiments. Based on the experimental results, it can be understood that rotation and direction of rotational axis of a launched spherical aerial shell are a random phenomenon by various influence factors. Moreover, attenuation of the rotating speed of a shell by the viscosity of air was observed and torque coefficient was obtained by the experiments. With these experimental results, the three-dimensional equations of motion which took in Magnus force and rotational attenuation were calculated numerically, and it was examined how much Magnus force would have affected movement of a launched rotating spherical aerial shell.istent with the literature value.

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Magnus force, Rotating sphere, Spherical aerial shell, Fireworks, Numerical calculation

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