Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.68, No.3 (2007)


Attenuation of blast wave using sand around a spherical pentolite
Tomotaka Homae, Kunihiko Wakabayashi, Tomoharu Matsumura, and Yoshio Nakayama


Attenuation effect of sand on blast wave was studied. Two spherical PMMA containers of 100 mm and 200 mm, respectively, were prepared and each filled with sand. Spherical pentolite (100 g) was ignited at the center of the each container. Three pressure transducers were placed around the container and the blast pressure was measured. The scaled distance from the charge, to each of the three transducers, were 3, 4, and 5 m·kg-1/3, respectively. The 200 mm-diameter container was the more effective for decreasing the peak pressure and the impulse. The peak pressure and the impulse decreased to 21-27 % and 37-40 %, respectively, in comparison to that without the sand. The attenuation effect of sand was larger than that of water gel and/or foam polystyrene for same volume.

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Blast wave, Attenuation, Sand

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