Topics ISEM 2008 (ISEM2008)

1) Energetic Materials
-New Energetic Compounds
-Industrial Explosives
-Blasting Agents
-Analysis and Characterization
-Disposal and Recycling
-Theoretical Modeling
-Gas Generants
2) Pyrotechnics
-Initiators and Detonatorsg
-Safety Devicesg
-Airbag Inflators and Gas Generators
3) Combustion and Detonation
-Detonation and Deflagration
-Non-Ideal Behavior
4) Blasting
-Rock Fragmentations
-Computer Modeling and Design
-Channel Effects
-Blast Vibration and Sound
-Air Blast
5) Shock Compression
-Equations of State
-Phase Transition
-Shock Processing
(Hardening, Synthesis, Forming ,etc.)
-Numerical Modeling
6) Hazard, Safety, Security and Risk Managements
-Hazard Assessment
-Safety and Security Evaluation
-Analysis of Accidental Events
-Blast Waves
7) Gas Detonation
-Pulse Detonation
-Engines DDT
-Cell Structure
-Chemical Reaction in Gas Detonation
-Numerical Modeling
-Risk Assessment
8) Regulations and GHS
9) Miscellaneous