Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.79, No.4 (2018)

Research paper

Preparation and characterization of Al/Fe2O3 /m-DNB nanothermites by electrospray
Xuqiang Zhu, Hongtao Yang, Yanchun Li, and Yi Cheng


Aluminum (Al)/Ferric oxide (Fe2O3)/m-dinitrobenzene (m-DNB) composite energetic materials with different m-DNB concentration have been successfully prepared utilizing a typical electrospray process. m-DNB in the precursor solution plays an important role in morphology of composites. The peak temperature of exothermic reaction of Al/Fe2O3/m-DNB composites with 5 wt% m-DNB concentration prepared by electrospray is 41 ℃ lower than that of ultrasonic and magnetic stirring sample. The combustion test results show that the sample of Al/Fe2O3 prepared by electrospray significantly enhances combustion performance, thus leading to large flames. And the m-DNB addition can further increase combustion performance. The combustion intensity increases with increasing m-DNB addition when the m-DNB concentration is less than 10 wt%.

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m-DNB, energetic materials, electrospray, combustion performance

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