Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.79, No.2 (2018)


Temperature history measurements of some guanidinium 1,5'-bis-1H-tetrazolate/ammonium nitrate/copper (II) oxide mixture
Shingo Date, Shizuka Nishi, Kazuhiko Asazuki, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Yuji Shiraishi


Temperature histories of some guanidinium 1,5‘-bis-1H-tetrazolate (G15B) / sammonium nitrate (AN) / copper(Ⅱ) oxide (CuO) mixture during linear burning rate tests were measured. The temperature histories, together with the estimated values of the burning surface temperature, thickness and average temperature gradient of the condensed phase zone, and temperature gradient at the burning surface for a given mixture under the same initial gauge pressure generally demonstrated variations, which may reflect the irregularities within the condensed phase zones of G15B/AN/CuO mixture. It was also shown that the estimated thickness of the condensed phase zone for G15B/AN/CuO mixture was generally thinner, the average temperature gradient within the condensed phase zone was generally greater, and the temperature gradient in the gas phase from the burning surface was generally smaller than those of stoichiometric ratio G15B /AN mixture, which suggests enhanced thermal behavior inside the condensed phase zone of G15B/AN/CuO mixture that could have caused the enhanced burning behavior of G15B/AN based mixture.

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temperature history, tetrazole, ammonium nitrate, copper(Ⅱ) oxide

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