Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.4 (2015)

Research paper

Estimation of shock Hugoniot for unreacted high explosives by various Grüneisen functions
Kunihito Nagayama and Shiro Kubota


Grüneisen equation of state has been extensively used to describe Shock Hugoniot compression curve for inert materials including unreacted high explosives. In most cases, volume function of the Grüneisen parameter is assumed to be described by very simple functions. In this paper, several volume functions for the Grüneisen parameter have been used to calculate the dependence of shock temperature on the Grüneisen function. The information is important to know the onset temperature and pressure to induce shock to detonation transition of solid phase high explosives. The Grüneisen functions assumed include (i) γ (ν) = const , (ii) γ (ν) = γ0 • (ν/ν0) ,
(iii)γ (ν) = γ0 • (ν/ν0)1.5 , (iv)γ (ν) = γmin , and  (v)γ (ν) = γ0 • (ν/ν2) , Here, subscript 0 denotes the value at the uncompressed initial state. The value γmin is the theoretical minimum value of the Grüneisen parameter defined in this paper. Shock Hugoniot function for TMD PETN as well as equation of state function has been calculated based on the hydrostatic isothermal compression data by Olinger et al. Difference in the value of thermal pressure for the above five model functions is more than 2 times. It is striking to note that shock velocity-particle velocity relationship is quite insensitive to the Grüneisen function.

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Grüneisen type equation of state, Grüneisen parameter, energetic material, static isothermal compression, shock hugoniot

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