Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.3 (2015)

Research paper

Experimental researches on the micro-charged PBXN-5 detonation growth rules
Bing-liang Bao, Nan Yan, Ai-jun He, Li-juan Liu, and Jun Cheng


In order to study the micro charge detonation growth rules, a method through experimental tests was used to measure the output pressure with different heights. The output pressure was accurately obtained by manganin piezo-resistance method to get the fitting curves and expressions of detonation characteristics about micro-charged PBXN-5 with two different charge diameters and densities. The results shows that under the same condition of the donor detonator charge, the output pressure with Ф 0.9 mm and 1.497 g•cm-3 charge charge had no apparent difference compared with the incident shock wave pressure, and detonation growth process was not obvious, while Ф 0.9 mm and 1.785 g•cm-3 charge an obvious detonation growth process indicated that density also has a significant impact on the detonation growth. There existed an obvious detonation growth process with Ф1.88 mm charge. Within the heights of 1~4mm, the detonation grew significantly ; while more than 4 mm, the detonation growth trended towards sufficient stability.

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micro charge, detonation growth, manganin piezo-resistance method.

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