Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.2 (2015)


Influence of venting parameters on erosive burning of partially cut multi-perforated stick propellants
Zhenggang Xiao, Hantao Xu, and Weidong He


Proper venting along the length was applied to mitigate the erosive burning effect of multi-perforated stick propellants. The relationship between the venting parameters and erosive burning was studied by interrupted burning experimental analysis. The stick-propellants grains recovered from interrupted burning test rig and the perforation radius at different positions along the length of stick-propellants were determined to characterize the extent of erosive burning. As the ratio of length to perforation radius of stick propellants increased from 261 to 523, there was a great fluctuation of internal radius indicating a more complex crossflow along the length of stick propellants. As minimum interval between cutting slots increased, the depth of coning shape also increased, indicating a more severe erosive burning. But the minimum intervals between cutting slots at the reverse side had little effect on the erosive burning. Larger width of cutting slot benefited the gases venting from it, indicating the erosive burning effect was mitigated.

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stick propellant, partially cut, erosive burning, ratio of length to perforation radius

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