Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.2 (2006)

Research paper

A study on the solid fuel for a hybrid ramjet engine(*in Japanese)
Ichiro Nakagawa


A hybrid-ramjet uses liquid fuel and solid fuel. The high ignitability of the secondary combustion and high combustion stability which a solid fuel ramjet (a ducted rocket) has, and the high Isp performance and the wide fuel flow control range which a liquid fuel ramjet has are expected on this engine. What burning rate characteristics of the solid fuel are good and what fuel composition is suitable are investigated in this paper. The same burning rate characteristics as the normal solid propellant for a solid rocket is sufficient for the fuel flow control of the hybrid-ramjet. B, Ti and Zr are good for the fuel composition to improve combustion stability, and the Isp performance of them are almost same.

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Hybrid, Ramjet, Isp, Fuel composition

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