Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.5 (2005)Special Issue for ISEM 2005


Development and field-blasting tests of water-resistant granular explosive
Hideaki Sugihara, Katsumi Noguchi, Kiyoshi Yoshihara, and Yoshimasa Sato


An ammonium nitrate and fuel oil explosive (referred to as ANFO hereinafter) is the most useful industrial explosive in Japan as well as other countries in the world because it is safe and easy to handle, and relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, ANFO easily dissolves in water. Therefore, A packaged explosive such as a dynamite, an emulsion explosive, or ANFO previously charged in a polymer tube cartridge is used when groundwater or rainwater permeates into a bore hole. We developed a granular explosive that has water resistance and the advantage of ANFO such as excellent handle ability, for example, fluidity and usability in a bulk form.

We have evaluated the sufficient explosion performance and the water resistance of the granular explosive in various experiments. Then, we have carried out the field-blasting tests of Water-resistance granular explosive (referred to as WRGE hereinafter). WRGE could be charged directly into bore holes without removal of water contained in bore holes and gave the same fragmentation as in the case of the blasting with ANFO in a dry condition.

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Water-resistant, Granular explosive, ANFO

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