Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.3 (2005)


Study of free forming of aluminum alloy using underwater shock wave (I)
- Optimum conditions of aluminum alloy forming - (*in Japanese)
Takeshi Hinata, Hirofumi Iyama, and Shigeru Itoh


Recently, some automotive performance improvements are requested. Fuel expenses of the automotive greatly depend on the weight of the car. The body material of the car is being replaced from iron with the aluminum alloy. However the forming of the aluminum alloy is very difficult due to the limit of the forced restrictions. In this research, the explosive forming of the aluminum alloy was carried out to improve their deformability. In this paper, a very high performance of the explosive forming of the aluminum alloy is reported. Two methods of the explosive forming and conventional static press forming test were carried out on the aluminum plate, A5052-O. As the result, the maximum bulge depth was 28 mm in case of the static press forming method, while the maximum bulge depth was 39 mm when the explosive forming method with open type. In case of the explosive forming method, the strain and the bulge depth of the aluminum base alloy plate were almost same as the steel plate experimental results obtained by the static press method.

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