Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.1 (2005)


Stress analysis by finite element method around parallel holes occurred by static demolition agent (*in Japanese)
Hisaaki Fukui, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Kazuhiko Tsukada, and Koichi Hanasaki


This report has described the calculation result by the finite element method (FEM) in order to know about stress contours and transitions appearing on the breakage face by occurring the expansion force of demolition agent, particularly having the parallel holes on the face.
As the main calculation condition, 100 MPA is added to each drilling hole wall. And the drilling diameter is d.
As the result, when there are parallel holes within 10 d in the breakage center area, the direction of Maximum Principal Stress (σ1max) turns to each other hole and the rang of it's angle (θ) makes 0°<|θ|12°. On the other hand, when there are parallel holes between 2 d and 10 d from the breakage edge, the direction of σ1max is not front but inclined to each other hole. The range of it's angle (θ) makes 96°<|θ|< 132°. Finally, in the case of eight parallel holes being drilled by straight and equal space in the breakage area, also FEM analysis has achieved.

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