Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.6 (2014)

Research paper

Combustion characteristics of N2O/GAP hybrid rocket
-Effects of zirconium and magnesium-
Koutarou Matsumoto and Takuo Kuwahara


To clarify the heat transfer effects of metal particle combustion on gas hybrid rocket combustion characteristics, we elucidated metal particle ignition characteristics and gas hybrid rocket combustion characteristics. The ignition delay time of metal particles decreases concomitantly with increasing N2O temperature. Moreover, the ratio of the chemical ignition delay time is about 20% at 1100 K, which indicates that metal particles can ignite rapidly in the secondary combustor. The C*combustion efficiency for GAP/AP is about 87%. That for GAP/AP/Mg is about 99%. That for GAP/AP/Zr is about 94%. In all cases, the gas hybrid rocket combustion efficiency is improved by adding metal particles, but the C* combustion efficiency is improved more by Mg particle addition. The addition of gas-phase combustion metal particles is more effective to improve gas hybrid rocket combustion characteristics.

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gas hybrid rocket, combustion, nitrous oxide, zirconium, magnesium

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