Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.2 (2014)


Burning characteristics of some azodicarbonamide / ammonium nitrate / additive mixtures
Ken Ikeda, Yuji Shiraishi, and Shingo Date


The burning characteristics of stoichiometric ratio azodicarbonamide (ADCA)/ammonium nitrate (AN) mixture,together with those of ADCA/AN/CuO mixtures, were studied. From chemical equilibrium calculation, the linear burning rate test, the rate-of-pressure-rise test, and the temperature history test, the following conclusions were obtained : (1) the calculated values of adiabatic flame temperature and heat of explosion decreased with an increase in CuO content ; (2) ADCA / AN mixture burned readily under 0.1 MPa N2 atmosphere, showing relatively good ignitability ; (3)the addition of CuO accelerated the linear burning rate and also generally decreased the pressure exponent of Vieille's equation as compared to ADCA/AN mixture, while it also accelerated the rate-of-pressure-rise. Its CuO 10 % and 20 % mixtures were higher in the rate-of-pressure-rise as compared to guanidinium nitrate (GN) / strontium nitrate (SrN) / basic copper nitrate (BCN) mixture that is put into practical use ; (4) increasing the amount of CuO reduced the thickness of the condensed phase and lowered the burning surface temperature. In the condensed phase reaction layer, it is suggested that CuO accelerates the thermal decomposition reaction.

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azodicarbonamide, copper (II) oxide, rate-of-pressure-rise, temperature profile, condensed phase

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