Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.4 (2013)

Research paper

Propagation and attenuation characteristics of blast wave pressure generated from an explosion inside an earth-covered magazine
Dongjoon Kim, Tomoharu Matsumura and Yoshio Nakayama


This paper reports on a field experiment conducted to investigate the propagation and attenuation characteristics of a blast wave generated by an explosion inside a magazine model that was based on an earth-covered magazine with a barricade (ECM). The magazine models were constructed of reinforced concrete with an earth cover so that they would be destroyed by an explosion. The blast wave pressures were measured by piezoelectric sensors set up at different distances and directions from the exit of the ECM. The results of the experiment showed that the blast wave pressures resulting from an explosion within an ECM are significantly lower in comparison with those for a surface burst―with the average values of equivalent weight being approximately a tenth of the explosive weight for a surface burst. It was also found that up until 40 m·kg-1/3 there is some directionality in blast wave propagation. Based on the results of different scale experiments, we conclude the paper with a discussion of the applicability of scale law for blast wave pressure.

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earth-covered magazine, blast wave, directionality, scale effect

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