Japan Explosives Society 2021

The 7th International Symposium on
Energetic Materials and their Applications

16-18 November, 2021, Virtual Symposium, Tokyo, JAPAN

Guide to Presentation at Oral Sessions

Each presentation will be 20 minutes long; please allow 15 minutes for your presentation and use the remaining time for Q&A.
Oral sessions will be held in on-demand presentations via Zoom Meeting (or Zoom Webinar).
All of the presenters are required to submit his or her presentation movie file (mp4 format) and slide file (pdf format) between November 1 to 12.
The movie file should be no more than 15 minutes in length and no larger than 300MB in size.

On-line presenter will not control his or her movie in the presentation time.
The conference organizer will control the on-line presentation movie file during the presentation time.
During the Q&A session, the presenter should participate in your session to respond the questions.


Uploading Presentation Files (mp4 and pdf)

Please upload his or her presentation files via the link below between November 1 to 12.
The file name should be "Presentation number in the technical program" + ".mp4" or ".pdf".
Example: If the presentation number of the technical program is "A4-1", the file name should be “A4-1.mp4” and “A4-1.pdf”.
When you modify a movie file and resubmit it, there is no need to rename the file.
The file will be updated automatically.

Submission site (Box):


Accessing All Presentation Files

All of the participants of the 7th ISEM can access the presentation movie and slide files at the website for registered participants between November 15 and 26.
The access information has been e-mailed to the registered participants on November 2.


How to Make a Movie File

Please create a movie file using one of the following methods.

  1. A movie file in mp4 format exported from the narrated slides of Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote.
  2. A movie file in mp4 format recorded from online conferencing systems such as Zoom, Webex, etc. or movie distribution systems such as mmhmm.
  3. A movie file in mp4 format created with Adobe Premiere, iMovie, etc.



The copyright of the contents belongs to the presenter.
The copyright will not be transferred to JES, but we ask for permission to post the contents on the conference website.
The presenter is responsible for any copyright and trademark issues.
Please prepare your presentation materials with this in mind.
Any unauthorized use of the materials covered by copyright (photographs, videos, music, etc.) are not allowed to be presented.



The organizing committee of the 7th ISEM
E-mail: isem2021-upload [at]