Notice to Authors ISEM 2014 (ISEM2014)

* Oral Presentations

Time allocated for each oral presentation is 20 min.
(15 min for the presentation, 4 min for Q&A, and 1 min for switching between presentations)

(1) If you use your own laptop computer,

(2) If you use a computer prepared at the conference room,

* Poster Presentations

A board size for poster display is 900mm (width) x 1800 mm (height).

(1) Two poster sessions are scheduled on Nov. 12 (Wed.) for PP01-PP30 and Nov. 13 (Thu.) for PP31-PP47.
On the day assigned, the presenter should be present by the poster during the poster session.
All posters must be displayed all the time between two poster sessions.

(2) Poster should be mounted until the first poster session starts (at 13:00 on 12 Nov.).
You can start removing your poster from 12:30 on Nov. 14 (Fri.), last day of the conference.

(3) Your poster board will be marked with your poster number. Please find your poster number in the symposium program.