Japan Explosive Society

Technical Committee on Detection of explosives

Chair:Jun Nakamura

"The Technical Committee on Detection of Explosives" established consisting in the field of analysis of explosives experts.

Recently, considerable progress has been made in the development of technology as well as in other methods to detect explosives more effectively.

The majority of screening equipment in use today utilizes x-ray-based technology to detect the explosives, including dual-energy x-ray and computed tomography using the density and size information to detect explosives.

Trace detection have also evolved to detect chemical characteristics of explosive vapor by employing Ion mobility spectrometer.

The committee carries out following activities.
a) evaluate technical developments relating to detection of explosives;
b) evaluate explosion characteristics of IED;
c) holding of "Detection explosives Seminar":
e) publication and revision of "Detection explosives handbook".

The committee evaluated the technical situation about the detection of the explosive and the counterterrorism reported the findings through "Explosive detection and counterterrorism seminar" in every year since 2005.
The committee published "Explosive detection and CBRNE counterterrorism handbook" in 2010.