Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.81, No.4 (2020)

Research paper

Loading-rate dependent shear failure model of geo-material and its application to the ballistic testing of granite targets
Gyeongjo Min, Sewook Oh,Yohan Yoo, Leeju Park, Hyungseop Sin,Yongwon Ju, and Sangho Cho


Penetration and perforation performance of the rock targets by hard projectiles is suitable for understanding the ballistic behavior of the strategic and important structures such as protective structures, bunkers, ammunition stores, and nuclear power plants that are sensitive to missile impacts. In this study, ballistic penetration tests and numerical simulations were performed to examine the behavior of geo-material targets against hard projectile impacts. The granitic rock plates were used as target materials, and the projectiles were made of hardened 4340 steel. A loading-rate dependent shear failure model was suggested based on experimental data and implemented into LS-DYNA using a usermaterial subroutine. The ballistic test results were used to validate the suggested model. The numerical ballistic data simulated experimental behaviors relatively well.

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ballistic impact, rock perforation and penetration, dynamic rock fracturing, loading-rate dependent shear failure model, finite element analysis

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