Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.6 (2012)

Research paper

Development of the testing method for mixing explosion hazards of pyrophoric substances
Yoshihiko Sato, Ken Okada, Koichi Tokudome and Takehiro Matsunaga


The conditions in which a steel tube burst were investigated experimentally by mixing triethylaluminum (TEA), water, and aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3) in a steel tube. The purpose of this investigation was to develop a new testing method for estimating the hazards relating to explosions from mixing pyrophoric substances. The experimental results proved that a steel tube broke owing to the mixing reaction between TEA, water, and Al(OH)3. The estimated pressure from the gases generated from the reaction of the samples were compared with the estimated resisting pressure of the steel tube in each test, and it was found that increasing the amount of samples per unit volume of the steel tube and reducing the obstacles in it through designing the arrangement of samples appropriately are important for this testing method.

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mixing explosion hazards, testing method, pyrophoric substances, triethylaluminum, water

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