Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.5 (2012)

Research paper

Investigations on semiconductor bridge initiators with semiconductor arrester chip used to ESD protection
Bin Zhou, Zhi-chun Qin, Fei Chen, Gang Ren and Zheng-guang Qiao


The semiconductor arrester chip was developed to protect semiconductor bridge (SCB) initiators against electrostatic discharge (ESD). The disconnected peak voltage of the semiconductor arrester chip designed is between 169V and 220V. While the loading voltage is higher than the disconnected peak voltage, the semiconductor arrester chip demonstrates a low resistance conduction state, and prevented the semiconductor bridge initiator from accidental ignition caused by the ESD. Experimental results indicate that the SCB initiators without semiconductor arrester chips maybe fire in case of 25 kV electrostatic voltage. The SCB initiators with semiconductor arrester chips do not fire in the same experiment. It indicates that the semiconductor arrester chips can protect SCB initiators against pin-to-case ESD.

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electrostatic discharge (ESD), protection, semiconductor

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