Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.5 (2012)

Research paper

Fabrication and electrical explosion of igniters based on Al/CuO reactive multilayer films
Peng Zhu, Ruiqi Shen, Yinghua Ye, Xiang Zhou, Yan Hu and Lizhi Wu


This paper presents novel energetic igniters prepared by integrating Al/CuO reactive multilayer films (RMFs) with Ti films. The as-deposited Al/CuO RMFs energetic materials were firstly characterized with varied analytical techniques. Results show that distinct layer-structure Al/CuO RMFs are deposited, giving a reaction heat of 2760J•g-1. The structure of igniter is designed to be similar to a capacitor, which can form an electrical field across the igniter, and once initiated, instantaneous large current flew through the igniter. Firing characteristics of the igniter were determined using constant voltage firing set. Experimental results show that ignition delay time and total energy released of the igniter discharged in 30V are 0.75 ms and 389.34 mJ, respectively. In addition, the explosion temperature over 3500K could last 2.4 ms.

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dielectric structure, energetic igniter, electrical explosion

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