Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.3 (2012)

Research paper

Magnetic and corrosion resistance properties of NdFeBCo magnets fabricated using underwater shock compaction
Youngkook Kim, Shigeru Itoh, and Chai-Bong Lee


NdFeBCo magnets were fabricated using underwater shock compaction, and their magnetic, mechanical and corrosion resistance properties were investigated. Cracks and voids were seen to form in the shock-consolidated magnets and increased with increasing cobalt (Co) additions. Magnetization also decreased with increasing Co additions ; however, coercivity increased. Regarding corrosion resistance, a shock-consolidated NdFeB magnet without Co addition showed faster oxidation velocity than compacts with Co additions. Regarding hardness value, NdFeBCo with Co addition of 5% addition showed a sharp increase ; however, the value decreased when Co addition exceeded 10%.

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underwater shock compaction, NdFeB magnet, corrosion resistance

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