Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.3 (2012)

Research paper

Development of dismantlable adhesives which utilized the decomposition acceleration effect of oxidizer(*in Japanese)
Masahiko Sugimoto and Masaaki Yamamoto


A development of a dismantlable adhesive is becoming active in proportion as a social needs for recycling of resources increase. The dismantlable adhesive enables to separate a bonded part after the period of use with some kind of treatments. In order to realize the dismantlable adhesives that is hard to be affected with a characteristic of resin, we develop a new dismantlable adhesive which utilize the decomposition acceleration effect of oxidizer. We discovered that a dismantlable adhesive which isadded an ammonium perchlorate into epoxy resin was dismantled easily by heating to a predetermined temperature. As a result of thermal analysis, we confirmed that an oxidant effect promote a thermal decomposition of the resin. In addition, we discovered that it is possible to lower the dismantle temperature by combining with an oxidizer decomposition catalyst.

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dismantlable adhesive, recycle, epoxy resin, oxidizer

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