Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.2 (2012)

Research paper

Numerical and experimental study on a large sized water container with a convex curve for shockcompaction
Youngkook Kim, Shigeru Itoh, and Chai-Bong Lee


A large sized water container with a convex curve for shock compaction was estimated by means of numerical analysis and experiment. The converging effect of reflected waves generated from the wall of water container and its overtaking of the underwater shock wave were confirmed. The magnitude and distribution of shock pressure impacting powders were found to differ depending on position. The arrival time of shock pressure at the top surface of powders also differed depending on position, which was measured at central, 7.5mm and 15mm position from the wall of water container. It was confirmed that the shock pressure was about 11.5 GPa as measured by a manganin stress gauge ; however, this differed slightly from the result of the numerical calculation of 12.8 GPa. For the consolidation of graphite-doped copper (Cu) powders, weak surface bonding was confirmed between graphite and Cu powder particles, and a small crack was observed in the middle position of the compact due to the fast and high shock pressure. However, we successfully obtained a large-sized shock-consolidated graphite-doped Cu bulk with the size of 15mm×10mm.

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shock compaction, shockwave, powder

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