Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.73, No.1 (2012)

Research paper

Maximum likelihood analysis of sensitivity test data according to Up and down test plan(*in Japanese)
Shozo Takeyama


Maximum likelihood analysis method of sensitivity test data according to Up and down test plan is proposed. That method is designed in Microsoft Excel sheet utilizing the Solver function. Maximum likelihood point estimates of population mean μ and population standard deviation σ of the critical stimulus distribution of samples are made certain of good estimates by numerical simulation. And confidence area of μ, σ are also derived. As results, the shapes of confidence area of μ, σ with various confidence levels are not concentric circles. Therefore it is not recommended to evaluate confidence limit of μ, σ independently. Consistency check method between the estimates μ, σ and the each test results in Up and down data set is also proposed. By this method, the impact test result on estimation of parameters is can be found.

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sensitivity test data analysis, maximum likelihood analysis, up and down test plan

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