Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.6 (2008)

Research paper

Evaluation of gas generating ability of some tetrazoles and copper (II) oxide mixtures through closed vessel test and theoretical calculation
Masahiro Abe, Tsunehiko Ogura, Yasuyoshi Miyata, Kayoko Okamoto, Shingo Date, Makoto Kohga, and Kazuo Hasue


The heats of formation and densities for thirteen tetrazoles were measured, and using these values, evolved gas volume, adiabatic flame temperature and product gas concentration for the mixtures with copper (II) oxide were calculated through chemical equilibrium calculation. Four-liter closed vessel test was conducted for each mixture to acquire the pressure-time history and the temperature-time history. There was a good correlation between the theoretical amounts of generated gases and the maximum pressure but there was low correlation between the theoretical amounts of generated gases and the rate of gas release. It is found that the rate of gas release of six tetrazoles are better than that of presently used tetrazole. In some tetrazoles, HCN, NO2, and NH3 were found even though they were not formed theoretically. It is recommended that the result of the chemical equilibrium calculation should be used on selecting the candidates for closed vessel tests.

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Tetrazole, Heat of formation, Closed vessel test.  

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