Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.5 (2008)

Research paper

Underwater explosion test of precompressed emulsion explosives
Fumihiko Sumiya


To clarify the detonation properties of precompressed emulsion explosives, the preliminary assessment experiments were performed by applying an underwater explosion test. Underwater explosion test makes it possible to induce dynamic pressure wave into the sample emulsion explosives. The bubble energies of precompressed explosives were measured. Two types of microballoon were used as a sensitizer for the sample emulsion explosives respectively. Delay period is identified as a time between the time on which dynamic pressure wave is induced and the time on which sample explosive is initiated. It is concluded that the bubble energy of explosive is decreased as the delay period become longer. And the influence of the type of microballoon used on the bubble energy was observed. It is assumed that the result would be attributed to the difference of the reactivity on explosives.

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Underwater explosion test, Emulsion explosive, Bubble energy, Dead-pressing, Microballoon.  

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