Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.4 (2008)

Research paper

Thermal reactivity of fullerene
Tsuyoshi Takakura, Atsushi Uramoto, Gou Kawano,Hidetsugu Nakamura, and Kazuo Iwamoto


Fullerene is a typical nano-carbon material with interesting properties. Though a great deal of research has been performed on the basic properties of fullerene to the present, little thermal research has been reported. This study examined the physical and chemical properties, thermal reactivity, and combustion reactivity of fullerene. The results obtained were as follows. Fullerene is a carbon material with high crystallinity which has higher carbon content compared to the other carbon materials. Fullerene C60 and Mixed fullerene(MF) caused sublimation and suffered oxidation in air at lower temperature compared standard carbon black. And C60 was more thermally stable than MF, which contained higher fullerenes including C70, according to the oxidation reaction in air. Fullerenes burn, while the carbon black does not burn. However, in the burning rate test by the U N ,fullerenes are not a flammable materials.

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Fullerene, Nano-carbon, TG-DTA, Burning test, Inflammability.  

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