Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.3 (2008)

Research paper

A fundamental study on greening of deserts using explosives— Fragmentation and fertilization effect for sandstone specimen by blasting of ANFO —
Katsumi Katoh, Kaname Shirotani, Shiro Kubota, Yuji Wada,Yuji Ogata, Shuzo Fujiwara, and Mitsuru Arai


As a fundamental study for the development of a blasting technique for the greening of deserts, the detonation velocity of the ANFO, the distribution of the fragment size, and the diffusion amount of nutritional ions were investigated using a 30-cm cubic model of sandstone. Moreover, the behavior was compared with that of granite, which was reported in a previous study. It was observed that the amount of fine fragments increased with an increase in the contact surface area between the ANFO and the sandstone. In comparison with the fragmentation of granite, no significant differences were observed in the particle size of the rock fragments after blasting. The amount of ions in the fragment correlated with the detonation velocity. Thus, the amount of ions for the sandstone, in which a low detonation velocity was observed, was higher than that in the case of granite.

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Greening, Desert, ANFO, Fertilization, Blasting method.  

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