Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.69, No.2 (2008)

Research paper

Combustion characteristics of black powder (III) - Relationship between burning rate and ignition delay time -(*in Japanese)
Takuo Kuwahara


Black powder is easy to produce, so we mix the three compositions controlling delicately on the spot. A time of making the raw material, area of making one, and keeping area and period are changed, so propulsion characteristics are varied easily. Propulsion characteristics are determined by burning arte. Burning rate is easy to measure, so propulsion characteristics are evaluated. To handle the black powder it is needed to be clear sensitivity characteristics, and it is hopeful to evaluate sensitivity with simple measurement method like burning rate. If the relationship between burning rate and ignition delay time is clarified, sensitivity of black powder is evaluated with burning rate. The sensitivity increases with increasing the burning rate when concentration of S changes. When H2O is added from 0.5 to 1 part the sensitivity increases with increasing burning rate. It is required carefully to handle the black powder with large burning rate.

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Hydrazine, di-Nitrogen tetroxide, NTO, Reaction mechanism.

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