Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.68, No.6 (2007)

Research paper

Burning characteristics of the consolidated mixtures of aminoguanidium 5,5'
-azobis- tetrazolate and copper(II) oxide
Yasuyoshi Miyata, Kenji Morita, Kazuo Iwakuma, Masahiro Abe, Shingo Date, and Kazuo Hasue


Experimental work was carried out in search for the potential of aminoguanidium 5,5' -azobis-tetrazolate (AGAT) / copper(II) oxide (CuO) mixtures as a gas generating mixture. Altering the fuel/oxidizer ratio, linear burning rate test, 4-liter closed vessel test, and 60-liter tank test were carried out to study on the burning characteristics of the mixtures. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the combustion gases of a 4-liter closed vessel and a 60-liter tank were carried out, and the results were compared with those of 5-amino-1H-tetrazole (5-ATZ) / Sr(NO3)2 mixture. The linear burning rate of AGAT / CuO mixtures reached its maximum when the mixture was AGAT rich. Internal pressure of the 4-liter closed vessel also reached its maximum when the mixture was fuel rich, but the combustion temperature reached its maximum at a stoichiometric ratio. In the 60-liter tank test, the maximum pressure of AGAT / CuO mixture was one third of the maximum pressure of 5-ATZ / Sr(NO3)2 mixture. In the 4-liter closed vessel test, the hazardous gases such as CO, NO, NO2, NH3, HCN, and N2O were found in combustion gases of AGAT / CuO mixture but the concentration of all measured hazardous gases were less than those of 5-ATZ / Sr(NO3)2, except for NH3 and NO2. The results suggest the possibility of AGAT / CuO mixture as a novel gas generating mixture for automobile airbags and other uses.

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AGAT, CuO, Combustion, Gas generating mixture.

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