Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.68, No.2 (2007)

Research paper

Study on controlled detonation chamber system of chemical weapons (II):
Implosion and sequential detonation
Kiyoshi Asahina, Kenji Koide, Takao Shirakura, Masahiko Ouchi, and Toshiya Tada


As a destruction method of chemical weapons, the controlled detonation system named DA VINCH was developed. To reduce the damage of the chamber, the detonation is controlled by using 1) implosion process, 2) emulsion explosive as donor charge, 3) sequential multi detonation etc. The effect has been confirmed through the actual destruction of more than 1,000 chemical weapons at Kanda.

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Controlled detonation, Chemical weapons, Detonation chamber, Donor charge, Sequential multi detonation

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