Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.68, No.1 (2007)

Research paper

Numerical calculation for exterior ballistics of fireworks shell
Dayu Ding, Yuzo Ooki, Morimasa Higaki, and Tadao Yoshida


A three-dimensional theoretical model for calculating fireworks shell trajectory was built in the research work. A drag coefficient is assumed as a function of the Reynolds number in the theoretical model. The effects of wind direction, wind speed, air drag, and mortar tilt angle on the trajectory can be examined by the theoretical model. A numerical computing program was developed with the Microsoft Excel calculation. The input parameters and the graphs of calculated results can be shown on the PC screen at the same time, after several parameters such as initial velocity, drag coefficient are inputted. Therefore, the program is convenient and practically useful.
The optimal drag coefficient, wind speed and wind direction were easily determined with the Microsoft Excel calculation by fitting calculated trajectory to that of experiment. With the method, the drag coefficient of No. 3 shell was obtained.

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Fireworks, Exterior ballistics, Drag coefficient, Numerical calculation

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