Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80 (2019)

Vol.80, No.1 (2019)

Vol.80, No.1 (2019)

Research paper

Aluminum powders : aging effects on metal content and thermogravimetry reactivity
Christian Paravan, Alberto Verga, Stefano Dossi, Filippo Maggi, and Luciano Galfetti
p.1-6 Abstract/Full text/Open access

Research paper

Initiation of explosive reactions in high energy materials with nanosize additives by a high-voltage discharge
Sergey Rashkovskiy and Georgij Savenkov
p.7-11 Abstract/Full text/Open access

Research paper

Blast extinguishment of a methane-air jet diffusion flame using a silver azide pellet
Ryo Sekikawa and Hiroyuki Torikai
p.12-14 Abstract/Full text/Open access

Research paper

On the azimuth angle characteristics of the blast wave from an underground magazine model (V) - Experiments on the effects of length ratio between magazine chambers and passageways -
Yuta Sugiyama, KunihikoWakabayashi, Tomoharu Matsumura, andYoshio Nakayama
p.15-22 Abstract/Full text/Open access

Research paper

Evaluation of the crater size in the reinforced concrete (RC) wall by small-scale blasting
Kana Nishino, Shiro Kubota,YujiWada,Yuji Ogata, Norio Ito, Masayuki Nagano, Satoki Nakamura, and Mieko Kumasaki
p.23-27 Abstract/Full text/Open access


Influence of graphite content on ESD sensitivenes in potassium 4,6-dinitrobenzofuroxane (KDNBF)
Martin Zahálka, Vojtech Pelikán, and Robert Matyáš
p.28-30 Abstract/Full text/Open access

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