Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.79 (2018)

Vol.79, No.1 (2018)

Vol.79, No.1 (2018)


The influence of combustion properties on the hazards potential of hazard division (HD) 1.3 materials
Cynthia P.Romo, Kevin P.Ford, Aubrey D.Farmer, Alice I.Atwood, Thomas L.Boggs, and Josephine Covi
p.1-14 Abstract/Full text

Research paper

Study of the hygroscopic deterioration of ammonium perchlorate/magnesium mixture
Yosuke Nishiwaki, Takehiro Matsunaga, and Mieko Kumasaki
p.15-21 Abstract/Full text

Research paper

Thermal decomposition behavior of nitrocellulose/acid mixtures in sealed and open systems
Katsumi Katoh, Satomi Fukui, Akiho Maeda, Tsutomu Soramoto, Hiroki Matsunaga, Eiko Higashi, and Shuhei Kawaguchi
p.22-27 Abstract/Full text

Research paper

On the azimuth angle characteristics of the blast waves from an underground magazine model (IV) - Large-scale field experiments -
Yuta Sugiyama, KunihikoWakabayashi, Tomoharu Matsumura, andYoshio Nakayama
p.28-33 Abstract/Full text

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