Symposium Proceedings will be published by the Japan Explosives Society in a special issue of the Journal of the Japan Explosives Society. Presentation of the paper at this Symposium is required for inclusion in the proceedings.

Proceedings registration desk will be placed at the symposium on May 15.

Instructions for writing papers is as follows:

ISEM2002 / Notes to Contributors

Manuscript Preparation

1. Text preparation

    1.1 Manuscripts should be prepared on a word processor. MS Word is recommended. (If other software is preferred please consult to the editorial committee.)

    Use JIS A4 papers with portrait direction. We recommend about 16cm text width and 12 point size with more than 12 point size line spacing.

    The maximum total length is 10 printed pages, including figures and tables. One printed page is approximately 550 words. A figure or Table corresponds to approximately 1/2-1/4 page.

    1.2 On the first page of the manuscript, write the title of the paper, the names of the authors, affiliations and postal addresses as below. Note that country name.

    Masamichi Ishiguchi*, Masatake Yoshida**, Yoshio Nakayama**, Tomoharu Matsumura**, Ikuma Takahashi*, Atsumi Miyake*, and Terushige Ogawa*
    *Yokohama National University, Yokohama 240-8501, JAPAN
    **National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research, Tsukuba 305-8565, JAPAN
    Telephone number(s), facsimile numbers, and e-mail address (if available) should follow the address.

    1.3 Abstract, main text, references, and figure captions should be written in this order. Tables and figures come after these. Pages must be numbered sequentially at the bottom center starting from the cover page through the end page of figures.

    1.4 Sections, subsections, subsubsections should be numbered as 2., 2.1, and 2.2.3.

    1.5 Mathematical formulas should usually be expressed as
    In the text express as x/a, (a+b)/(c+d).
    Variables should be in slanted (italic) font.

    1.6 Authors are recommended to use SI units. Do not use the symbol names (such as second, volt) for the symbols of the units (s, V etc). The products of units should be expressed as m . N or N m (with one space in between). The quotients of the units should be expressed as m s-1. Do not use / to avoid confusions. The denominators should not be in product forms.

    1.7 Do not use chemical formulas but use English names in the text except for chemical elements and simple inorganic compounds. Nomenclature of chemicals should conform IUPAC rules. For abbreviations append a note about the abbreviation at its first appearance in the text. Numbering to the chemicals should be with Arabic numbers in gothic fonts. Referring to the numbers should not accompany parentheses.
    (e.g.) ammonium perchlorate (abbreviated as AP, hereafter)

    1.8 For references use numerals as a superscripts like xxx1), yyy 2)3), or zzz 4)-6) , numbered in series. The names of all authors should be given in the references (do not use "et al"). The abbreviations of the references should conform to those used in Chemical Abstract. (Examples is given on the Home Pages)

    1.9 The insertion positions of figures and tables should be indicated in the margin of the text.

2. Preparation of figures and photos

    2.1 Standard Size of a figure is 75mm Wide. For a large figure, width of 150mm may be possible, Proper size of Symbols and letters should be used is the figure accordingly.

    2.2 If coated paper is preferred indicate it. The cost is charged to the authors.

    2.3 The first character of the caption and the first character of sentences of a figure should be in capital letters. Attach the period (.).
    (e.g.) Fig. 1 Chemical structure of RDX.

    2.4 Attach the author's name for each separated figure and photo.

    2.5 Only photos can be returned to authors. If photos should be returned to the authors, indicate that on the first cover page.

3. Submission of the manuscript

Submit one original and one copy to the program committee* of ISEM2002. After the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors will be required to send a floppy .diskette (FD). FD size should be 3.5 inch and it should contain a MS Word file. Figures and tables in a MS Word file can be accepted. Indicate OS name, software name, and file name(s) on a FD.
(e.g.) Windows 98, MS Word Ver. 8, explosion.doc

If the file size exceeds 1.44 MB, an MO disk formatted under Windows 98 (2048 bytes/sector, less than 640MB capacity) and CD (ISO 9660 format) can be accepted. Submitted media (FD, MO and CD) will not be returned to the authors.