Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.79, No.6 (2018)


Pressure Limits for Explosive Compaction of Powder of Aluminum-Based Composites
Sergey Vorozhtsov and Olga Kudryashova


This paper considers a process of explosive compaction of Al nanoparticles to create aluminum-based composites with increased physical and mechanical properties. The improvements of composite properties were obtained by the introduction of nanodiamonds and alumina nanoparticles (10 wt%. of each) into the mixture of aluminum nanopowder. As a result of theoretical consideration of the shockwave compaction for powder mixtures, we offered and discussed the conditions of explosive compaction.
The compaction process can be characterized by a set of values of the shockwave pressure which define powder compaction, deformation, and particle heating. These values are: 1. minimum shockwave pressure P1 under which the compaction and the shockwave in the powder do not occur; 2. pressure P2 under which there is a jet cleaning of the particle surface; 3. pressure P3 that will result in a homogeneous compact with maximum density; 4. pressure P4 under which particles will melt. Our research presents the result of calculations of the pressure limits for nanodiamonds, aluminum oxide, aluminum, and their mixtures.

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compaction, composite materials, aluminum, nanopowders, shockwave impact

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