Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.79, No.3 (2018)

Research paper

Effect of semiconductor bridge shape and size on the ignition process in Al/CuO energetic initiator
Xiaowei Fan, Jupeng Liu,Yong Li, Bin Zhou, and JunWang


In order to explore the effect of semiconductor bridge shape and size on the performance of Al/CuO energetic initiators, two shapes and two sizes of bridges were designed and studied during capacitor discharge. The results show that there is a delay between the V-angle and other parts of the V-shaped bridge. Both V-shaped and miniaturization designs were capable to accelerate the process and reduce the required function energy. However, when initiating explosive was coated on the initiators, the ignition time of explosive on initiators with V angles but different sizes is quite close.

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semiconductor bridges, energetic initiator, bridge shape, Al/CuO films

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