Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.6 (2017)

Research paper

Evaluation of mist diffusion and application of water tube for dust control in blasting demolition
Young-Hun Ko, Hoon Park, Chul-Gi Suk, andHyung-Sik Yang


In this study, a water tube with detonating cord has been devised for the effective control of dust during explosive demolition of buildings or structures at construction sites. The AUTODYN program was applied for the numerical analysis and description of the mist diffusion process in the water tube. The analysis results were compared with the experimental results. The dust reduction performance using the water tube was evaluated at a tunnel site in onedirectional airflow by measuring the total suspended particles, PM10, and PM2.5 of dust and by comparing the application case of the water tube with a non-application case. In conclusion, it was found out in this study that the water tube for the suggested mist diffusion method with a detonating cord has considerable strength. It can be easily installed onsite and a sequential arrangement is allowed. Moreover, the use of the water tube was highly effective in controlling the dust owing to the fine water droplets produced by high-velocity water expansion.

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explosive demolition, dust, detonating cord, water tube, AUTODYN

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