Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.4 (2017)

Research paper

Effect of water depths on the initial bubble dynamic behaviors and acoustic radiation characteristics origin from the high-temperature particles of pyrotechnic mixtures combustion underwater
Di-hua Ouyang, San-xue Guo, Qian-tao Zhang, and Jun-qiang He


The initial bubbling dynamic behavior and acoustic radiation characteristics induced by the high temperature particle,which originate from the combustion of pyrotechnic mixtures underwater, and with different water depths such as 1.0 m,4.0 m, 7.0 m and 10 m, were studied by theoretical calculation. The results revealed that with the increase of the water depths, the bubbles volume, their change acceleration and the sound pressure level decrease. With the increase of the water depths, the time of bubble volume growth and the acceleration of volume change were extended, which result in the acting time of the sound pressure level prolonged also.

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pyrotechnic composition, combustion underwater, high-temperature particle, bubble

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