Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.3 (2017)

Research paper

Research on mechanism of energetic igniter under constant current excitation
Ze-zhi Gao, Ju-peng Liu, Bin Zhou, and Yong li


The process of action and energy conversion mechanism of Al/CuO-SCB (Semiconductor Bridge) energetic igniter under constant excitation was analyzed by experiments. The results showed that the heat generated by the polysilicon film would continuously transfer to the upper Al/CuO composite film when the polysilicon film was given a low amplitude and long pulse width current. The heat generated by the polysilicon film can promote the chemical reaction of Al/CuO film and the polysilicon film would get a heat feedback from the chemical reaction which accelerates the function of Al/ CuO-SCB energetic igniter.

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energetic ignite, energy conversion mechanism, semiconductor bridge

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