Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.3 (2017)

Research paper

Preparation and thermal decomposition behavior of ammonium dinitramide-based energetic ionic liquid propellant
Hiroki Matsunaga, Hiroto Habu, and Atsumi Miyake


The liquefaction of highly energetic materials without the use of solvents is one means of increasing the performance of liquid propellants. In the present study, energetic ionic liquid propellants (EILPs) were prepared by forming eutectic mixtures of the oxidizer ammonium dinitramide (ADN) with monomethylamine nitrate (MMAN) and urea. The physical properties, decomposition mechanism and combustion mechanism of these mixtures were assessed with the aim of eventually determining ignition methods and optimizing performance. Chemical equilibrium computations predict that the performance of ADN-based EILPs will be superior to that of hydrazine monopropellants. Thermal analysis of these EILPs during constant rate heating demonstrates that the majority decompose to generate various gases, including nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide, isocyanic acid, ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. Kinetics analysis also indicates that these EILPs can be safely stored for prolonged time periods at room temperature.

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ionic liquid propellant, ammonium dinitramide, thermal decomposition

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