Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.2 (2017)

Research paper

Effects of physical forms of Mg/teflon/viton decoys on infrared radiation characteristics
Jun Du, Hua Guan, and Jie Li


The study aims to identify the differences in radiation characteristics between sheet-like and column-like Mg/teflon/ viton (MTV) infrared decoys. The burning characteristics and infrared radiation characteristics of two types of samples at different diameters were tested with an infrared thermal imager and an OPAG33 Fourier transform infrared remote- sensing spectrometer. Results show that at the same diameter, sheet-like decoys exhibit higher burning rate and burning temperature, lower radiation brightness within 2.5-14.0 μm, and higher far-infrared radiation brightness (63.64-227.11 W·m-2·sr-1 higher), when compared with column-like decoys. The spectral radiance of sheet-like decoys are distributed mainly in middle- and far-infrared ranges, while the column-like decoys are mainly distributed in near- and middle- infrared waves. With the same physical form, a larger diameter leads to higher burning rate, higher burning temperature, and higher radiation brightness.

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pyrotechnics, Infrared, MTV, radiation characteristics

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