Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.78, No.1 (2017)

Research paper

Comparative study of the combustion characteristics for modified barium nitrate and ordinary barium nitrate
CHEN Xin, OUYANG Di-hua, and ZHANG Qian-tao


To meet the urgent demand of civil firework industry for safe oxidants, based on the preparation of the modified barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2), the combustion characteristics of the modified Ba(NO3)2/Mg were studied experimentally. The results revealed that the modified Ba(NO3)2lowers the flame temperature and increases luminous intensity for Ba(NO3)2/Mg system that reacted in air. To explain this phenomenon, we suggest that the presence of metal oxides (NiO, CoO and Cu2O) and the other productions in the modified Ba(NO3)2, which will absorb some heat energy when the modified Ba(NO3)22/Mg system reacts, thereby lowering the flame temperature. The other explanation is that the presence of metal oxides, when it is heated up, will increase the luminous intensity of the reaction system.

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pyrotechnic mixtures, combustion, luminous intensity, barium nitrate

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